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BA407 Business MECOP Lab — Course Syllabus

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Prereqs: Acceptance in the (Business) MECOP program

René F. Reitsma, PhD
College of Business
Office: Austin 471
Tel.: 541-737-6162

Reitsma classes and office hours


BA 407 is a one-credit course that introduces accepted (business) MECOP students to the MECOP program. The course consists of weekly ('Seminar' & 'Lab') meetings during which we hear from MECOP officials, MECOP host companies and current and former MECOP participants about MECOP expectations and experiences.

The course is mandatory for all students accepted into the MECOP program.


Course learning outcomes:

Students who successfully complete BA 407

Pedagogy: Course meetings consist of presentations and discussions by MECOP officials and program administrators, representatives of MECOP host companies and students currently and previously in the MECOP program.


Please note that the schedules for both the Seminar and Lab classes are published on the MECOP web site (Requires MECOP login)


Grading: Pass/Fail (you MUST pass this course in order to start your MECOP internship)


Attendance required: The MECOP program requires your attendance and hence, attendance will be taken.


Report requirement: At the end of week 10 you must submit to your instructor a brief report containing the following:

Report writing guidelines
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