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BA371 Business Systems Analysis & Design — Course Syllabus

Prereqs: BA272 or equivalent, ACTG378

4 Credits — 4 Hrs/Wk — Tue-Thu 10:00-11:50 AM || 12:00-1:50 PM — Lecture/Lab

René F. Reitsma, Ph.D.
College of Business
Office: AH 471
Tel.: 541-737-6162

Reitsma classes and office hours

BA371 is the second course in the ACTG378 / BA371 / BA372 information systems analysis, design and development ("370s") series. It builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in ACTG378 and BA272 and it implements the necessary background for BA372.

Whereas ACTG378 introduced us to the field of BIS, its main objectives, technologies, governing principles, history and evolution, in BA371 we study and practice actual analysis, support and improvement of business processes with information system technology and methods. We will practice these skills and insights through a real-world, sponsored case study. In the process we will revisit a number of the ACTG378 topics and take a little deeper look at them.

Whereas BA371 concentrates on analysis and design, BA372 shifts emphasis to design and development; i.e., in BA372 we will take the initial designs from BA371, extend and complete them and prototype some portions of them. However, since we cannot postpone all development work and all mastering of the tools to support that development until BA372, we will include two of the development components already in BA371:
  1. We will continue to grow our programming skills so that we are ready to take on the development work in BA372. This programming involves some algorithmic work, some GUI work and some programmatic database interaction. In BA372 we will yet further extend these skills with some advanced database programming (i.e., stored procedures and triggers), some HTTP and ASP.NET programming, a look at the LAMP stack and XML- and JSON-based web services.
  2. In this course we will design and implement the case study's database schema so that we can run our prototypes against it in BA372.

Analysis/Design Theory/Lecture Case study Labs & Homework
BA371 Systems Development Life Cycle

Data, information & knowledge

Business process analysis Business process analysis VC#.NET refresher

IS impact assessment IS impact assessment design VC#.NET program control

Business process redesign Business process redesign VC#.NET GUIs

Business process implementation strategies
VC#.NET database interaction, SQL

Object-oriented programming

VC#.NET inter-process communication (gnuplot, 'processing' and Google Charts)

Relational data modeling Relational data modeling

Reporting (3 x)

BA372 System architecture types (client server, n-tier, SOA) System architecture types (client server, n-tier, SOA) VC#.NET HTTP, ASP.NET, PHP, Linux, XML, JSON, SQL-Server stored procedures & triggers

NoSQL/Document/Key-Value databases VC#.NET RavenDB

GUI design, inverse design GUI design

Software design UML models (class, sequence, state)

Testing, code management Prototyping

Reporting (4x) + presentation

A word of advice!! Since all the case study work we do in BA371 carries over to BA372, you are !!!STRONGLY!!! advised to carefully archive your BA371 work and accomplishments so that we can use them as part of our BA372 project work.

BA371 Course Contents

In this course we study information system (IS) analysis and design:


Upon completion of this course you should be able to:


Course components