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BA371 — Case Study / Class Project

OSU-COB Career Success Center (CSC) — Student Placement Tracking

Project officers: Ms. Brandi Fuhrman and Ms. Tamara Mitchell



This project represents the first phase of a two-phase project. This first (BA371) phase covers problem definition, information flow process reconstruction, IS impact assessment, business process improvement and database design. The second phase —infrastructure, software design and prototyping— is covered in BA372.

Discretion is assumed

Although most if not all information associated with COB's Career Success Center is public, we ask that you will exercise care and discretion when storing, presenting and sharing project information.

Project description

One important measure of a business college's operational success is its placement rate; i.e., the rate at which graduating students find employment in the job market. Tracking that information, however, is difficult for several reasons:
Despite this difficulty, Colleges of Business such as OSU's COB are frequently asked for their placement numbers and desire to measure and monitor their own performance through these numbers.

To tackle this problem CSC has designed a multi-step tracking process it is executing for the first time in the current (2016-17) academic year. Unfortunately, however, CSC does not know if a. this process will be successful and, b. if it is maximally efficient. Moreover, c. no information system infrastructure currently exists to support this process. As a consequence of the latter, we foresee a substantial amount of manual data processing with its inherent risks of data duplication, data entry and copying errors, data loss, etc.

CSC has asked us to help it to assess its process and is asking us to design an information architecture and to prototype some applications which can support this process and increase its efficiency.

One reason for asking for our help is that we as IS students are good at this sort of thing. After all, this is what we study and what we do. The other reason is that you, as students are closest to the source of placement data —students— and as such are in a very good position to asses the proposed process and to suggest possible improvements.

Design Project Requirements

In BA371, teams of five people conduct the following activities and report three times on their progress. Each of these deliveries adds one or more chapters to an overall Case Study Design report that we build up over both BA371 and BA372.