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BA371 — VC#.NET Assignment 2: Who's Hitting Us?

This assignment assumes that you more or less master the various topics demonstrated and practiced in the following labs:


This exercise is very representative of the sort of data processing conducted in organizations. It consists of writing a small application which extracts some basic statistics from a commonly used data source. We could, of course, use tools such as Excel or a statistics package for this job, but this type of programming —extracting information from raw data sets— is so common that we want to practice some of it (not to mention that it furthers our programming skills).

In this exercise we work with arrays, but we also build our own data structure aka a class and we implement our program as a Windows Forms application.

Consider the 2016 Jan. 15, Jan. 16 and Jan. 17 log files from the Apache Web server. The logs represent HTTP requests made to the server on those days. Requests are represented with the following format:

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