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BA 371 — VC#.NET Refresher


The material presented in these and the following labs briefly refreshes and then builds on the things you learned and practiced in BA272. In BA371 and BA372 we continue to build our programming skills so that a. we develop a good understanding of what programmers do and what some of their techniques are, b. we get ready to implement a prototype of the class project toward the end of BA372, and c. we become more skilled at manipulating data sets.

The labs are self guided in that both the questions and their answers are provided. It is really up to you to learn this material and get the programming concepts under control. Your instructor will help you where and when needed, but you should make it your job to understand these exercises.

Important: The exercises are structured so that pretty much everything you need to successfully complete a VC#.NET homework assignment has been dealt with by the time the homework is due; that is, if you keep up with the labs!! (we're not kidding!!)

Although you could 'run' through these labs quickly by copying the various segments of code from these pages and pasting them into the VS IDE, you would learn very little doing so. We therefore strongly recommend that you study this material while exercising it.

A request from your instructor: If you find an error in this or other labs, please let your instructor know, so that the error(s) can be corrected for the benefit of those who come after you.

A VC#.NET (BA272) refresher; Hello, World... compiled and run from the command line