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BA 469 – Strategic Management

[D. Neubaum] [Gonzalez]

Strategic Management (4 credits) examines performance, strategy formulation and implementation issues from a general manager’s viewpoint, providing an integrative framework for managing the organizational entity and its functional components.  Those pursuing careers in general management, entrepreneurship, or functional specialties will find this course valuable in enhancing organizational performance.


Learning Outcomes

The primary learning outcome of this course is to (1) know, understand, and apply the strategic management process to analyze and improve organizational performance.  The complementary learning outcomes are to be able to (2) conduct and draw conclusions from external analyzes of an organization's environment; (3) conduct and draw conclusions from internal analyzes of an organization's capabilities; (4) formulate realistic strategies; and (5) develop implementation plans to execute those strategies.  Since BA 469 is designated as a Writing Intensive Course (WIC) you must also demonstrate professional business communication skills through writing, presentations and class discussions.


Learning Activities

Activities can include lectures, class discussions, case presentations, written case summaries, exams, quizzes, and an individual project report. The mandatory prerequisites include BA 340, BA 350, BA 352, BA 357, BA 390, and senior standing.


Statement Regarding Students with Disabilities

Accommodations are collaborative efforts between students, faculty and Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). Students with accommodations approved through SSD are responsible for contacting me prior to or during the first week of the term to discuss accommodations. Students who believe they are eligible for accommodations but who have not yet obtained approval through SSD should contact SSD immediately at 737-4098.